Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Halloween

I can't believe that it has been 2 weeks since Halloween and I am just now finding a moment to get our pictures posted!

Halloween night Hailey, Katelyn, Hilary, Barbara and I went to a tri-ward YM/YW Halloween carnival for all of the kids (while Ryan studied for a test). My Young Women did a cupcake walk that was a huge hit with the little ones, especially with Hailey. How easily entertained young children are with walking in circles to music and then stopping really fast when the music stops :-) Maybe I should try it at home....

Then we all went back to my house to have the chili and cornbread that I had prepared earlier and a few friends stopped by to trick-or-treat and visit. Hailey loved handing out candy as much as she liked asking for it! It was too cute how excited she got when the doorbell rang. Then we were all out to the door to trick-or-treat with Ryan and Hailey leading the way and the rest of us following behind.

While we were out trick-or-treating, I felt very grateful for the neighborhood we live in. There were so many kids and families out having fun. Because Ryan had worked in our neighborhood when he was with Shea homes, I felt like I was married to a celebrity! Everyone knew him and was excited to see us back in the neighborhood and loved meeting the new addition to the family. Once again, I was really overcome with the feeling that we're where we are supposed to be. It's a good feeling.

However, one thing that I do miss about living in Phoenix are the fairly warm Halloween nights. It was COLD here in Chino and that really affects the kind of costumes that you can choose for your kids. I got both of the girls' costumes at Old Navy 50% off, so I can't complain, but I'd really love to let Hailey be a princess or fairy without having to find a way to make it really warm at the same time. Oh well, the ladybug and pumpkin worked for this year...