Sunday, July 13, 2008

80 Things About Us... For Now

Rather than post about myself, I thought should include the whole gang...

1. I am 13 weeks pregnant- due on my BFF Renae's birthday and my Grandpa Alan's birthday- Jan. 17th!

2. This was not planned and took me a little while to build up enthusiasm about- but I'm there and we're very much happy about our new addition!

3. I get really sick when I'm pregnant.

4. Case in point- I took my first ambulance ride (a whole 3/4 mile trip) to a hospital a few weeks ago after a humiliating incident nearly blacking out at Subway on my lunch break. Don't worry, I was release a few hours later after a few bags of fluid.

5. I take antinausia medication to hold down my cookies (and water for that matter) but it doesn't always work.

6. It's really hard to work full time and be absolutely nausious and try to take care of 2 kids- one of which doesn't even walk yet.

7. We don't have a preference as to whether we have a boy or girl next - there would be pros and cons to both.

8. Ryan says he wouldn't mind having another girl, but I know that he secretly would love a little football player.

9. I would like of love to continue on with the girls- I don't think I would know what to do with a boy!

10. And I'd have to buy all new stuff if we had a boy!

11. I also have a girl name already picked out, but no real ideas for boy names yet.

12. We'll definitely find out what we're having as soon as I can.

13. I just got released from the YW presidency today.

14. I got called to be the Home, Family & Personal Enrichment Leader.

15. This will make 3 of my last 4 callings Enrichment Leader, but we've moved the other 2 times and I haven't spent more 6 months in either calling previously. I think Heavenly Father feels like I need to spend a little more time here!

16. I am excited about it. I do enjoy this, but am a little worried because when I had this calling I was also at the end of my pregnancy and trying to plan one of our quarterly activities and it was a lot going on! I was worried I was going to have Katelyn before our activity and not be able to be there!

17. I made it to our quarterly activity, went home at 9:30ish that night and started on my way to the hospital at 12:00am, and delivered Katelyn at 8:30am the following morning.

18. I had a similar timing experience with having Haiely. I think that my body and my mind communicate with eachother and when my mind says that it's ok for my body to go ahead and let go- then I pop out the babies!

19. I am hoping to not plan anything important on or in the week before Jan 17th!

20. Ryan is almost done with all of his training at Lockheed Martin and will soon be on his own and not working with a trainer any longer.

21. This is going to result in a schedule change- I'm praying that he won't have to work Sundays again- but it's pretty likely that he will :-(

22. He is selling security systems on the side now for Secure Home Solutions. He's done this previously and been very successful- so hopefully it can mean big $$ and maybe me not having to work full time. Cross your fingers, and buy a security system!

23. We just got our system installed Friday night.

24. I survived a week of Ryan being gone at Scout Camp in June- but I'm glad it won't happen again until next year!

25. Ryan is also learning about web design and wanting to design a Scouting website.

26. I asked Ryan what else he wanted me to say about him and he said something really inappropriate. So that's all the updates you get about him.

27. Hailey finished her June swim class and we decided to take a break for July and start again in August.

28. On her last day of swim, she got to go down the YMCAs really big twisty slide a few times and thought it was AWESOME! (She was on the lap of her coach)

29. She's still doing gymnastics and on Saturday just did her first flips on the uneven bars (with her coaches help of course). I was so sad that I didn't have my camera! I'll try to catch it next week.

30. She's still taking piano lessons once a week. She can play the first few measures of Mary had a Little Lamb, Beethoven's 5th, and Fur Elise (sp? I've next seen it written).

31. Hailey has decided to throw massive temper tantrums lately. Wen I say massive- I'm not exagerating.

32. We found that the best punishment is to take away her current favorite movie- which is normally which ever Netflix she has at the time.

33. We discovered how well this works on the 4th of July when Ryan walked Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow out to the mailbox and Hailey cried for an additional hour about it.

34. I told her if we could be REALLY good for 3 days, then Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia would come. It didn't, Peter Pan came instead. She was mad, but got over it. Now I've still been able to hold Mermaidia over her as incentive to be good. I know, I'm cruel.

35. She got a haircut about a month ago. Actually two. Don't ever just show up at a cheap chain haircut place for a kid haircut unless you know that the stylist is capable. Her hair was still wet and curly when we left- she went to her grandma's house right after and I didn't REALLY look at the cut until late Saturday night. It was the worst haircut I'd ever seen. Super uneven. I took her back on Monday and had it redone. So it was shorter then than I wanted, but looks really cute on her.

36. Hailey is overjoyed that we're having another baby and tells everyone. She is so cute about worrying about me and the baby when I'm sick.

37. She's really excited for when she can feel it kicking.

38. Katelyn got her first tooth- FINALLY. You still can't really see it, but we can feel it.

39. She is no longer the least bit interested in someone else feeding her and only wants to eat things that she can plop in her mouth herself.

40. We don't eat as healthy as we should- especially when I'm sick and exhausted and don't feel like cooking.

41. Katelyn eating what we're eating has made me a lot more conscience of eating well rounded meals and I'll admit- we're not doing so well!

42. She has also finally decided in the last couple of weeks to get up off her tummy and actually crawl.

43. She's been able to crawl for a long time, but hasn't felt the need since she's so efficient at army crawling.

44. She's also pulling herself up and walking around the edges of everything. She's pretty confident up on her feet and I don't anticipate that it will be a super long time until she walks.

45. Her birthday is in less than a month (Aug 3) and I can't believe it's already been a year!

46. She makes me laugh all the time- she has the funniest faces that she'll make at you and I think she actually tries to be funny. I love it!

47. Hailey and her play really well together.

48. Hailey actually really enjoys when Katelyn wakes her up in the morning by crawling on top of her and giving her "kisses". It's one of the best ways to wake Hailey up when she doesn't want to, without her getting grumpy.

49. Another great way to wake Hailey up is to already have cinnamon rolls ready for her.

50. Hailey REALLY wants to be a mommy when she grows up. She talks about it constantly- well getting married in the temple to her prince charming and being a mommy.

51. Right now she calls herself a "little mommy" anytime she helps take care of Katelyn, cook dinner, clean, etc.

52. She became a little less eager to become a "big mommy" when I told her that includes changing diapers.

53. Playing dress up is still one of her favorite things.

54. Another one of her favorite things is having Grandma Barbara come over to play.

55. Grandma Barbara starts working in Phoenix today and will be moving soon.

56. We've tried explaining to Hailey about her moving, but I don't think she really gets it. Nor will she until she keeps asking for Grandma to come over and grandma can't.

57. Hailey already says 'I miss grandma' when it's been like a day since she's seen her- thank goodness for telephones!

58. Ryan and I are REALLY going to miss having Ryan's parents here in town.

59. It's going to be weird being up here by ourselves- they moved up here at the exact same time we did 6.5 years ago.

60. I can keep going about how sad this will all be if it would keep Grandma and Grandpa in Prescott- Barbara just let me know :-)

61. My brother went to the temple for the first time yesterday.

62. It was really awesome being there with my little brother. (He stands almost a foot taller than me.)

63. I really want my sister to be there with us someday.

64. The temple was PACKED yesterday. Every session was running behind the whole day. As much as this delayed the evening and did cause scheduling issues for some people- it was awesome to see.

65. I'm overjoyed that we'll have more temples in AZ soon enough. (Anyone know an actualy timeframe on any of the temples being built?)

66. I love monsoon season!

67. It's been fairly cool here with great afternoon thunderstorms every single day!

68. I'm very senstive to temperature changes (no one is allowed to post a comment about me having no meat on my bones for insulation). Anywho- I dislike being too hot but hate how cold it is in every air conditioned building and feel like I should be taking sweaters with me when I go out in the summer time.

69. Speaking of hating heat- I'm overjoyed to not be in Phoenix this summer with this pregnancy.

70. Although, this one will be due only 2 1/2 weeks after Hailey was due- and I remember feeling so frumpy trying to look cute in layers of winter clothes whilst 9 mo preggo!

71. I'm really racking my brain now on what to write about. I wish someone could offer up some ideas.

72. Hailey is a big fan of the band Weezer- just like her momma and dadda (I converted Ryan after we were married).

73. This happened after Ryan would drive around listening to the blue self titled CD (incase anyone else is a fan) VERY loudly play and singing along to My Name is Jonas and Undone- The Sweater Song.

74. She now knows the majority of the words to My Name is Jonas. It's pretty cute.

75. Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Ts is another favorite of hers.

76. Other than Weezer, Ryan really didn't get into any of my other favorite music from before we got together- of except for Wyclef (edited of course).

77. He was a country boy that went swing dancing on the weekends and I was a punk rock/ska girl that went to "shows" at least a few times a month and 'skanked' (not the meaning you would think) and danced my little heart out in a crowded sweaty loud smokey club.

78. I tried going to an all day Edgefest about 3 or 4 years ago with a friend and realized that I'd just really outgrown that scene in SO many ways.

79. I have great memories of that time in my life, I really did have fun- but I can't say I have any desire to go back and go it again. I do with that I could get some of my hearing back though!

80. I'm glad that I had the gospel and although was in an environment that I probablly shouldn't have been in- that never lead me to make any wrong choices because I knew who I was and what I was doing and had great friendly who supported me in that!

I'm needing to go, for now! I can't take any more time on this for now, but want to finish up later. Post some comments or questions that I can answer with my next 20 random things!!