Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet Lexi and Beamer

More pics to come...they're a little hard to get to sit still at this point. Hopefully the excitement of being at our house will wear off and then I can get more shots! :-)

They're both awesome, but Beamer is beautiful! He's going to be a BIG dog!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

SSSHHHH!!! It's a Secret!!

So tomorrow evening I'll have the happiest 3 year old in the whole wide world!! We're finally getting the puppies that we've been wanting for the past 6 months (actually since we had to give away our dog Charlie 3 years ago). Hailey has known that we've been on the prowl for puppies for quite some time and is VERY eager to have her very own dog. She'll carry around a little pillow she has and pretend that it's a puppy because she wants one SO's really sad!

But tomorrow that will all change! We will be getting not one, but TWO lab puppies! (Yes, I do know that we're insane having an 8 mo old that's just learning to crawl and just started sleeping through the night, and now we're getting 2- 10 week old puppies!) We have a white male and a chocolate female on their way from breeders in Missouri. My grandpa in Missouri transports puppies from breeders to pet stores across the country. So he's hooking us up with two papered labs from different breeders that we can breed...eventually. And I won't mention the cost, but it is a truly amazing deal!

Ryan also has plans for these to be the best trained bird/hunting dogs ever. Ryan LOVED training Charlie who was also a chocolate lab and was super smart and learned so easily. Ryan took him to the lake near our house on a nearly daily basis and reminded me of a little boy with his dog. They had so much fun together. We've missed him sooo much- but last I heard he was living with a good family on several acres and runs around with a race I'm sure that he's happy!

We've joked (or half-joked) that we would name our next chocolate male Charlie as well...just because it's so natural for us to want to call a dog Charlie. However, we're now getting a white male and a chocolate it's just not the same. So we're trying to come up with names now. I've got a couple of names floating around in my head (such as Lexi and Dax)...but nothing decided.

I'd love to hear your suggestions!! I was thinking it would be cute to have them named after a famous couple or something to do with the white and brown, etc etc. (Just for the record Twilight fans, Ryan has nixed Edward and Bella :-) I was thinking Jasper might work though....)

Let me know your ideas and if I choose names you suggest, there may be prizes involved!!