Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hailey's 4th Birthday

I wasn't planning on really doing anything formal for Hailey's birthday this year- I know, bad mom. But as she knew about her birthday coming up she kept talking about her party and her cousins and friends being there, etc etc. A lot of expectations. I knew that only my parents and Ryan's parents would be in town and then Kevin and Hilary were coming- which meant no kids or cousins. So very last minute I called up 2 of her friends from church who were actually in town the Saturday before Christmas and had them come over to join in the party. We let the girls make their own personal pizzas and my dad did pizza for everyone else (thanks dad!) and the girls got to decorate foam tiaras, wore dress up jewelry and Hil and I painted the girls fingernails. For being low budget and last minute- it went well and the girls had a blast and Hailey thought it was amazing, which is all that really matters to me!

Hailey is the best gift receiver ever, everything was exactly 'what she's always wanted' and 'what she'd been dreaming of' etc etc. I don't know where she gets these things, but she's hilarious and always makes us smile! She got a lot of great gifts, but the funny thing is that I would have to say that her favorite gift of the day was a Hallmark music card that played Cinderella music and the girls danced and danced to it. Hailey and Katelyn still fight over opening it and occasionally I hear it open late at night whil Hailey's supposed to be sleeping. I can't get mad though- it's kind of cute!

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Renae said...

How cute! You did more than I did. We just had family over. Maybe next year we'll do something with little friends, but it's hard when it's right after Christmas. I think Hailey and Tatum will always have Christmas trees in the background of their birthday photos!