Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrapbook Supplies Needed!

Hey scrapbookers! I just found out about a need that I know that all of you can help with! The Child Life offices here at St. Joe's does activities for the families of pediatric patients at the hospital- they do tours for siblings and patients to teach them about the hospital in kid's terminology, do craft activities for kids and are working on having some activities to help parents pass the time as well.

My mom and I just talked to the director on our floor and she was telling us about a mom teaching how her how to to crochet and then maybe she could teach other people. Taylor is currently wearing a crocheted round-loom baby beanie that my SIL Toni made for her. My mom was telling her about how those would be easy for moms here to learn and then they could make them for other babies or to donate to the pediatric units here. So my mom is going to come teach her how to do it.

So then scrapbooking came up and they are wanting to have scrapbook days/nights here for the parents, but they haven't started it yet because they don't have any scrapbook paper! I told her how I have so much paper that I know that I will never use and that I have a lot of friends who scrapbook that I'm sure have gobs of unused paper as well and that I would try to gather some up for her.

SO- for all of you Phoenix readers, if you would like to help me gather together a decent size donation of scrapbook paper and supplies to donate to the Child Life Center here- please let me know ASAP!

The director was thrilled about the idea of having these things donated and the help that my mom was going to offer on the beanies- so that leads me to wonder what else all of us crafty/scrappy people could do to volunteer here!


Amie said...

Shoot, I literally have about 30 pieces of patterned paper and that's it--I'm not a hoarder like most scrapbookers--I'd be happy to donate anything you need, but I don't have much paper! Great idea though!

Kendra said...

I've got a bunch of stuff I could donate. Where would you like me to take it? BTW, I am friends with Toni & Amie, in the Surprise 1st Ward. I don't know if you remember me. :)

Melissa said...

I'm an Amie friend too and I was noticing your post. I have huge amounts of paper, stickers and templates that can be donated if I know where. My blog is if you want to reach me.

heather said...

I have tons. Who do I give it to?

MarleneMAZ said...

I spent the weekend sorting and have a ton of stuff that I could donate, papers, ribbon, stickers etc. Let me know what to do with it, I am in Phoenix.

k-lo said...

I have a ton of stuff!! When are you going back down? I could get lots to you or next time I go i can take it. This is great and will get Danny off my back about how much crap I have!!!