Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for us was very very quiet. Ryan had to work Thanksgiving day until 2:30, all of our family (on both sides) were doing dinner in Phoenix and I had to work the next day, so all in all- it was going to be a really rushed trip if we went down. So we opted to make Thanksgiving dinner on our own for the first year ever. We looked around for anyone in our ward that didn't have plans either, but in the end it was just us. It was our first turkey and Ryan was all excited to try brining (sp?) it with a method he saw on Rachel Ray. I did a ton of cooking while Ryan was at work, he got home at 3:10ish and we ate this by 3:30....

I mention the time because I was really proud of being able to pull this off by myself with both girls because I wear out VERY easily being on my feet. But everything turned out great- especially the turkey. We were really proud of it for our first try! We had way too much food for our little family, but it was nice to have left overs!

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Russ and Nic said...

I bet you are about ready to be done with this pregnancy. :)